I’m aiming to cover various domains and aspects of life on this blog and I think that technology is something we all use daily and will be even more present in our lives in the future. Each new invention that may make our life a bit easier is a step forward – so I will present here numerous such tech and lifestyle novelties or interesting discoveries.

I recently found out about a travel suitcase that’s hard to lose as it is designed to follow you. By itself. Yes, COWAROBOT R1 will follow you, avoiding people and obstacles.

capture from the Youtube presentation

There’s a bracelet you can use – and an app – and you can “call” the suitcase to you or set the place where you want it to go and it will follow you.

It is a 21.6-inches x 15-inches suitcase that moves at a speed of 4.5mph and can go up and down slopes of 15°.
The app attached to this robotic suitcase is also useful as it can work as a GPS tracker. The proximity alarm alerts you if the suitcase is no longer near you – if you, by any chance, leave and forget to take the suitcase with you – and using the app you’ll find it easily.

True, it is a new bracelet to wear – so some might say that’s not really cool (they may forget it, for instance) – as you need the bracelet and the app.

Also true, the warranty is for one year only (frequent travelers, especially business ones, buy suitcases with a lot longer warranty – I recently bought one with 10 years warranty! – though not robotic:D) – but perhaps this will be extended in the future.

The idea is still great – and as a first step it is excellent.

There are several colours you can choose from – red, blue, silver, black – so you can pick which one fits your preferences. It seems to be well compartmented – allowing you to take enough things for a week or shorter trip.

Like I said, I find this suitcase to be interesting. What do you think of the COWAROBOT R1? Would you want one?

11 Thoughts on “COWAROBOT R1, the robotic suitcase that follows you”

  • Interesting product. I wonder how much it weighs a lot of airlines have weight restrictions for carry ons as well as checked baggage. Do you know if the battery or powerbank as they call it, is allowed on flights or would you have to put it in your checked baggage? They mention in the video that it can be “easily removed” to make getting through security a breeze makes me think the battery would have to be in your checked baggage.

  • This is so interesting and funny at the same time. I can imagine people’s reaction, in a crowded airport while staring at a suitcase that’s moving by itself! 😀 However, I would love to have one.

  • I’m not totally on board with this concept for me. I’m constantly shifting, pulling things out and putting them back so being close to my bag is important. I agree with Lois also about someone snatching it, like an errant toddler!

  • I love the idea of this but what happens where it cannot ascend or descend stairs? I’d quite like them to manoeuvre those itself. Also imagine if everyone got them, the bags would be fighting one another. I’d love to put it to the test though

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