About me

You feel like you could do more. You know you could launch a business based on your passion or you could take what you already do to the next level. You know you have a lot to offer and you are certain that you could make more money.

Loredana Pascal But, somehow, you are stuck. Whether it is because of fear – you are afraid of the unknown, afraid to launch something or to grow your business – or you just don’t know what exactly you have to do, I am here to help. I am an entrepreneur mentor and I can help you, no matter where you are in your business.

We’ll create a plan, together. You’ll know what actions you need to take, what you need to do, how and when you need to do it. Because a plan is never enough, it needs to be implemented. Action leads to results.

I have 16+ years of experience – 15 at my own company. I launched my public relations and communication agency in Romania, and, in just a few years, it grew up to a marketing, public relations, and social media agency serving clients across the globe.

I also launched, in 2005, PRwave.ro – a news website, then, a few years later, Travel – Moments in Time (a travel blog), and then Earth’s Attractions (a second travel blog). All my sites still exist and get new articles. After that, as I turned my blogs into multiple streams of income, along with my agency, and I did freelance writing, I got more and more people asking me how they can become independent, have a side hustle, or turn their dream into reality. So, step by step, I became a business coach.

I helped freelancers and entrepreneurs on many levels. As I have a degree in communications, I already teach that online (a course I launched 10 years ago, available, for the moment, only for Romanian speaking people). I had numerous clients for which I created and implemented public relations strategies. I did name branding, public relations strategies, content creation and distribution, and more.

And then I went beyond that. As my business skills developed, as I had more experience, and as people started asking me how they can grow their business, I started coaching them in various fields. From how to get massive traffic to how to make more money from the things they love. And the results are terrific.

So, I am here to help

  • if you don’t know what products/services you can create and sale
  • if you don’t know how to grow your business
  • if you don’t know how to grow your e-mail subscribers
  • if you don’t know how to get more traffic to your website or blog
  • if you don’t know how you can make more money by doing the things you love and are good at

Reach out by sending me an email at loredana@advancenow.biz and book a 30 minutes free coaching session on Rapid Business Growth.