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I’m Violeta-Loredana Pascal and today I’m launching a new blog where I’ll share with you my business, marketing, self development, motivation, and more tips. These are tips from the 11 years at my own business – a communication and marketing agency started in Romania, but which now has clients from many countries across the globe.

#success #advancenow #business

During these years I had ups and downs – like any other business. I witnessed important changes – for instance the rise of the social media – and numerous new trends (some already gone with the wind, some still in place, nowadays techniques used by people all over the world). But I am still here and my business is growing.

I’ll share my experience and all I’ve learned to help you grow

So I decided to share my experience, combined with the things I learned, all to help you start and grow your business, to help you understand how to overcome an obstacle, how to find the power to move on when things get though, how to take a break, and so on and so forth.

I’m now looking at my list with article ideas and I see I have numerous segments that I can cover. And these are things I wish I knew before I launched my business or, later, in key moments. I’ll tell you what works and what doesn’t; I’ll share motivation and time management tips; I’ll share techniques that will help you promote your business. All this and much more.

The most useful business tips you’ll ever get

My goal is to create a website with articles that will truly help you. I’ll present the information in a concise way and I’ll offer examples as often as I can.

Tell me what you’d like to hear from me

I’m really interested in your feedback to the articles, but also I’m interested to know what you’d like me to share here. So please leave a comment and I’ll make sure to include your suggestions in future articles!

And a little bit more about me

I’m from Romania and I studies communications. I worked in some agencies, then, back in 2005, I opened my own marketing and communication agency – PRwave INTERNATIONAL – focused on small businesses (at that time, the public relations were associated with big names, and I wanted to show that everyone can promote its business).

I also launched the first website dedicated to marketing and communication for businesses – and news – in Romania – – which had attached the first PR (public relations) and communication blog in the country.

In 2006 I started collaborating with and I teach an online public relations for businesses course (I’ll soon have news for you, yes, in English 😉 ).

Also, I have two English blogs – Travel – Moments in Time (6 years old) – and Earth’s Attractions (4 years old). I also do a lot of copywriting for my clients – apart from creating their communication strategies. (I also have a Romanian blog, and various other things I do, but I said I’ll keep it short, right? :D)

So this is it. The beginning. And the most useful tips you’ll ever get!

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8 thoughts on “AdvanceNow – the beginning

  1. I like the fact that you challenged yourself and believed you could do it, getting out of our shadow is one thing, beign better than we were in our shadow is another so I commend you on this, for your site just keep sharing what you feel is positive to all. Keep blogging.

  2. Good luck Violeta-Loredana! It takes a lot of courage to find where you want to be and what you want to do. It’s amazing that you’re now setting up a site to help other people do the same! Good on you! Looking forward to seeing how this develops. 🙂

  3. Congratulations for opening this new door, and to share your expertise and knowledge on marketing. This industry is getting bigger and bigger and its seems no end, which is exciting! Looking forward for your next posts, and tips *wink

  4. I hope you luck with your new blog. Most likely since you are already a pro, you will get this working and going in no time =). In any case, waiting for those tips!

  5. This is great that you are starting this not only for yourself but to help others as well. It is always a good thing to share experiences eith others.

  6. Some very useful tips there and well done on challenging yourself, that will make you a stronger person.

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