Inspire, encourage, and help, and you’ll never run out of clients

Inspire, encourage, and help, and you'll never run out of clients

When I talk with consultants, coaches, course creators, and freelancers, the number one problem they mention is getting clients, especially new clients, people who don’t know, like, and trust them.

How do you do that?, they ask. How do you get new clients with ease and without spending a fortune on ads?

And I always ask them how they are interacting with their potential clients. What are they doing to reach out to them? What are they doing to become an authority in the niche so that their clients start to know them, like them, and trust them?

And many of the people that I talk to tell me that they don’t have a strategy in place for that. They say that they don’t know what to do to become an authority in their niche.

If you are in the same situation and have the same challenge, apart from starting to work with a coach to help you in this direction – feel free to contact me at if you want to start your Authority Strategy -, here are the three elements of any communication strategy that will allow you to reach your ideal clients, become visible and attract clients, thus generating more money and helping more people.

Inspire, encourage, and help, and you'll never run out of clients


What kind of people do you admire? What do you like the most about your models? Who inspires you and how?

You see, people like to be inspired. People actually need to be inspired to pursue their dreams, to move beyond the fears that are holding them back. So they need models. Stories that will inspire them, that will show them that it is possible.

So the first things that you have to do is to inspire others be the best version of themselves, to turn their dreams into reality, or even to risk a bit and try to do something new, even if that’s challenging or frightening.

Now I don’t believe that for you to become an inspiration for others you need to have a story that is borderline incredible. You just need to be honest, share your experience, struggle, and how you overcome your obstacles. In this manner, people will see that you had the same issues they have, your faced the same problems they are facing right now, and you managed to solve them and be successful.

For example, many of my clients told me that they decided to work with me because they read my story and discovered that I started in Romania, with a local public relations agency 13 years ago, then I got clients from different countries; after that I launched two travel blogs and became known in this niche as well, and turned my blogs into successful businesses, and then people started to come to me for advice on how to launch a business, how to become an authority in your niche, how to launch have six figure business and saw my coaching programs as well.

They said that my story inspired them, made them believe that they could achieve similar results and I was so happy to hear that.


The second most important thing you can do is to encourage others. Because sometimes that’s all they need. A good word, cheering, someone who’s been there to tell them that everything we’ll sort it out, that they’ve got this.

We all need encouragement at some point or another. So pay attention to the stage your clients or potential clients are in right now. See if encouragement is what they lack in this particular moment and offer them that.

You will also need to encourage people throughout the coaching programs you are offering or in your freelancing activities, or in your Facebook group if you have one Because encouragement is needed in many moments, not just once.


Offering value, truly helping people with a problem they have will go a long way into building your authority and attracting clients.

People will get the chance to see how you work, if they like your approach, and if your advice helps them or not.

Also, by helping people, you’ll prove yourself. You will build your know, like, and trust factor, and people will start to see you as an expert and recommend you.

In conclusion:

Make sure you constantly engage with your potential clients, offering value, and getting visibility for yourself, and you will be able to sell with more with ease.

Inspire, encourage, and help, and you’ll never run out of clients!

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