Stay healthy while working: simple and efficient exercises for joints and lumbar spine

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Working at a computer involves hours and hours spent at a desk. And that’s not a very friendly activity with our spine. Yeah, the theory says take a 10 minutes break for each hour of work, but who really takes these breaks? So today I’m presenting you some simple and efficient exercises for joints and lumbar spine that you can do at home, in the evening.

#exercise #spine #health

Why I recommend them? Because I had a lumbar crisis this year.

It was mid March and the day started perfectly. I got in my garden with my dog and my son before starting to work. Flowers were blooming, the weather was perfect. Spring was definitely there. Nothing major happened. No effort. No stressful activity.
Yet when I entered my home, my lower back started to hurt. Bad.

And in just a couple of minutes it hurt SO BAD that I couldn’t move. Or get down from my couch!

It took three weeks for the pain to go away.

And it didn’t go away completely.

Yes, I had a nasty lumbar crisis and all due to the fact that I didn’t exercise daily.

Now, I am not talking sport – I can’t do any sport activity due to a knee problem.

But, the doctors I went to see after my crisis recommended months and months of regular exercises.

45 minutes a day for my health. I do my exercises in the evenineg – before going to bed (the only time I have for them).

Easy exercises.

Some exercises that could have prevented my crisis.

And my spinal problem.

So, as I believe in learning from each experience, I searched online for some videos with exercises similar to those I did with my doctors and that I do at home daily.

I found several useful videos – and I included three below.

I am truly recommending you to take care of your health. You may think nothing is going to happen, and I wish you to always be healthy! – but it’s always better to prevent.

And it only takes a few minutes.

So here are the videos – I hope they are useful and will help you!


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