Best tips to increase productivity at work

Best Tips To Increase Productivity At Work-An-Infographic

We all have a lot to do. And sometimes, despite our best efforts, it may seem like we could do more. This feeling may be due to the fact that we don’t manage our time very well, for instance. In order to help you do more – and better – here are the best tips to increase your productivity at work.

There are 9 ultimate tips to increase productivity at work – included in an infographic by Casemore and Co – a business consulting company.

If we take a closer look at these tips, we see that there are simple advices, that we can all follow, but which, combined, will make us more productive.

From all the tips included, I can’t stretch enough the need to sleep enough. While you’d think that prioritizing tasks and avoid multi-tasking are the main elements in being more productive, not resting well can have a huge impact on our lives, both at a personal level, and at the professional one. You get cranky, you can’t concentrate enough, you can’t do your job really well.

Other important recommendations are to keep hydrated and, I’d add, to eat properly, and to exercise regularly. I recommend this especially after having a lower back crisis almost a year ago that terrified me and that showed me that health should come first and that exercising – even simple ones, for those who, like me, can’t do any sport due to health issues – keeps us in shape and protects us. Please check this article with tips on how to stay healthy while working: simple and efficient exercises for joints and lumbar spine.

The infographic includes other key elements as well, all important in order to finish our work in a timely manner and do get the job done properly. These are indeed the best tips to increase productivity at work, as simple as they may seem.

I’d also add that aside from those tips (eliminate clutter, eliminate potential distractions, etc.) it is also important to have a great working atmosphere. Yes, it’s not always possible, and people will be people, some easy to get along with, others not so great colleagues. When you feel it’s too much, when you feel you can’t take it anymore, try to find a different workplace/working solution. Working under stress, not enjoying at all what your are doing, your team, etc. is putting a lot of pressure on you and, in time, it does hurt you.

This being said, let’s see these 9 ultimate tips to increase productivity at work.

Best Tips To Increase Productivity At Work-An-Infographic

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